Norman-Levin Racing Sponsorship Opportunities

Why a Motorsports Sponsorship?


Motorsports sponsorship offers companies and organizations the opportunity to capitalize on consumers that are extremly loyal in regard to their purchasing decisions on everything from pencils to home mortgage financing. 


Companies and organizations take advantage of this unique visibility environment by implementing and activating sponsorship programs designed to advertise and promote sponsor interests during a variety of integrated public appearances and racing events.  When compared to investments made in more traditional marketing and advertising choices, a fully activated racing sponsorship program offers variable, adjustable, and continuous promotions with much more favorable return on investment.

Full-Service Sponsorship Programs


A fully-activated sponsorship program involves more than just your company on a race car.  On site activities, pre and post race events, Media and Public appaerances, and Media exposure are the cornerstone of any Fill Service Program.

Why Norman-Levin Racing?


The Norman-Levin Racing group offers a unique blend of experienced racing and business professionals with a keen understanding of racing success and business principles. In addition to our proven racing success, we take pride in supporting sponsor interests throughout the life of the program.


You are hiring more than a race team, you are hiring a business-to-business promotional partner and we take these commitments seriously and in a dedicated fashion.  Our team will work with you to design, integrate, and execute a promotional program at any level of sponsorship funding.  Throughout your sponsorship program our team representatives will work closely with you to ensure we are maximizing marketing exposure and fully activating your sponsorship program. 

Race Day Activities and Special Events


Race day activities involve much more than the race itself.  A properly activated sponsorship program involves promotional activities throughout the day and evening.  We work with you to create unique visibility opportunities to serve as a foundation for sponsor oriented promotions before, during, and after the race.


For primary and associate sponsorship programs, we also make our teams available for on-location public events, including delivery of sponsor labeled racecars and driver appearances.  These events are often arranged at sponsor locations preceded by public promotion and alignment with the power of unique visibility in mind.  We view these events as an important element of your sponsorship program since properly designed and implemented events often draw large consumer numbers to your business location.  These events are excellent for grand openings, re-openings, monthly promotional specials, weekend festivals, and similar types of public address events.

For More Information, Please Contact Us


We look forward to hearing from you and beginning our racing sponsorship experience.  Should you have any questions or comments regarding this material, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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